Saturday, 18 December 2010

Jeager Bombs and a 1000 year old priory (not both together though mind)

photoSo this week came in the form of a holiday with my Dad down in Bournemouth. I do love hanging with people when they take trips around the UK so I can discover all the local brown signs in the area for very little cost to my very poor self, thanks parents, love you. After settling in at the lovely sea view hotel I decided to do some planning for all the brown signing I could do around these parts, but first things first. Did you know that exploration of your surroundings is often best on a spontaneous late night bar crawl? Well you do now. So this (much to next day's dismay) is what I decided to engage in first. Needless to say I wasn't noticing many brown signs on this little adventure but it was hilarious to be surrounded by lots of students and drinking a copious amount of disgusting jeager bombs. Oh how I tried to be one of those students who can drink into the early hours, sleep until noon and get straight back on it the next evening with little or no repercussions.... The harsh reality though was the 30 year old I am (this I can't disguise) was looking like a massive tool dancing around to Yazz at 2am in a club full of 18 year olds. Time my similarly old non student companion and I pin balled our way home. It was both brilliant and awful to wake up in the morning fully dressed with the lights still on and make up smeared all across my face. I really am getting too old for this.