Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Neither ready nor steady but going anyway

OK so I've finally decided I'm bored of applying for jobs I don't want and that life's too short to sit around feeling depressed, there's also only so much painting and decorating one can do with their twin sister without departure from reality accompanied by all sorts of hysteria and ridiculousness.

Thus I've decided to travel around Britain in the next few months exploring and discovering the best way I know how, following brown tourist signs. I've been obsessed with the little puppies for a while now (read: all my life) and now I want to spend a significant amount of time doing them, so to speak. I'm not going in a taxi, or a campervan, or accompanied by any type of kitchen appliance, just my trusty (touch wood) 10 year old Saxo and anyone who feels the need to join me.

There are 93 specific symbols on brown tourist signs which denote tourist attractions and facilities in Britain and my aim is to visit at least one of each type (although I'm sure I'll visit more than one McDonalds and probably only one heavy horse centre). I am going to document this ridiculous trip here, with photos galore and relaying of any funniness which may occur throughout the trip, so please feel free to waste your time at work reading it.

I begin tomorrow in Cardiff, Wales. I am staying with one of my very good friends to begin with but it's safe to say I'm a little nervous about this massive trip nonetheless. I do know it's only Britain and not some random country where I'll face massive language and culture issues (having said that Liverpool is one of my first stops...) but I'm scared nonetheless. Canoeing down the Wye, feeding sheep at farm parks, brass rubbing and rocking up to youth hostels are not usually situations one experiences on their own. That said, I will be using all far flung friends possible to help relieve my loneliness and sleep on the sofas of. No-one is safe, you have been warned.

Right, off to pack up the rest of car full of my body weight in tourist information brochures and wellington boots.

Until the next time my friends...

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  1. Inspirational, My Dear! Good luck! Will be watching, in the hope that our paths cross en route somewhere!


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